Oral & Poster Presentation

[Day_Topic_Number of Sessions]*
Sessions with * indicate as scholarly papers

ex) Mo_IE_1 –> Monday_Industry Engineering_First Session
Abbreviationas Topic
EP Engineering Pedagogy
ED Engineering Diversity
IT ICT Education
IE Industry Engineering
EE Engineering Education
AE Advanced Education
CI Curriculum Innovation
ML Multidisciplinary Learning
PO Poster Session
November 7, Monday / 14:40 - 16:10
[Mo_EP_1*] Engineering Pedagogy
[Mo_ED_1*] Engineering Diversity
[Mo_IT_1] ICT Education
[Mo_IE_1] Industry Engineering
Novermber 7, Monday / 16:40-18:10
[Mo_IT_2*] ICT Education
[Mo_ED_2] Engineering Diversity
November 8, Tuesday / 10:40-12:10
[Tu_EE_1*] Engineering Education
[Tu_AE_1*] Advanced Education
[Tu_ED_3] Engineering Diversity
November 8, Tuesday / 14:40-16:10
[Tu_CI_1*] Curriculum Innovation
[Tu_ML_1*] Multidisciplinary Learning
[Tu_ED_4] Engineering Diversity
November 8, Tuesday / 16:40-18:10
[Tu_Po_1] Poster Session
November 9, Wednesday / 10:40-12:10
[We_ML_2*] Multidisciplinary Learning
[We_IE_2*] Industry Engineering
[We_EE_2] Engineering Education
[We_EP_2] Engineering Pedagogy
November 9, Wednesday / 14:40-16:10
[We_EE_3*] Engineering Education
[We_ED_5*] Engineering Diversity
[We_AE_2] Advanced Education
[We_IE_3] Industry Engineering
November 9, Wednesday / 16:40-18:10
[We_EP_3*] Engineering Pedagogy
[We_ML_3] Engineering Diversity
[We_CI_2] Curriculum Innovation
[We_AE_3] Advanced Education