2016 Global University-Industry Cooperation Forum

Invitation to「2016 Global University-Industry Cooperation Forum」
You are cordially invited to the 2016 Global University-Industry Cooperation Forum.
The Ministry of Education is hosting the ‘2016 Global University-Industry Cooperation Forum’ under the theme ‘Cultivating the Talent through University-Industry Cooperation’ at COEX in Seoul, on November 9th. As we are now entering the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which will change the future of human society, nurturing creative people is becoming increasingly important and promoting a close University-Industry Cooperation is more urgent than ever.
This forum will be a valuable venue of putting our heads together for sustainable development of university-industry cooperation by sharing the best practices in co-op education and university start-ups supported by prominent universities in Korea and abroad.
We sincerely look forward to your participation in the forum. Thank you very much.
Nov. 1, 2016
Sung Geun Bae
Deputy Minister Office of University Policy
Ministry of Education
Republic of Korea
Topic Cultivating Human Resources through University-Industry Cooperation
Date & Time November 9, 2016, 13:20-17:00
Place Auditorium, COEX
Organized by Ministry of Education
Managed by National Research Foundation of Korea, Korea Sanhak Foundation, The Institute for University-Industry Cooperation, Beyond Research Innovation and Development for Good enterprises(Bridge), Korean Society for Engineering Education, Korean Engineering Deans Council
• Ministry of Education
NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea)
• KSF (Korea Sanhak Foundation)
UNICO (The Institute for University-Industry Cooperation Policy)
• BRIDGE (Beyond Research Innovation and Development for Good Enterprises)
KSEE (Korean Society for Engineering Education)
• KEDC (Korea Engineering Deans Council)
Time Category Program Chair and Speakers
13:20 -13:25 Part Ⅰ ▣ Opening Address Kwang Sun Kim (President, KSEE, Korea)
13:25 -13:30 ▣ Congratulatory Address Sung Geun Bae (Chief, University Police office, the Ministry of Education)
13:30 -13:40 ▣ Welcoming Address Sang Gyeong Lee (President, Gyeongsang National University)
Jun Dong Kim (Secretary General, National Research Foundation of Korea)
13:40 -14:20 ▣ Keynote Speech
Cultivating Human Resources through University-Industry Cooperation
Peter Kelly (Professor, Aalto University, Finland)
14:20 -14:30 ▣ Q&A
14:30 -14:40 ▣ coffee-break
14:40 -15:30 Part Ⅱ ▣ Session 1
Co-op Education
- Yasushi Tanaka (Professor, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan)
- Peggy Jarvie (Executive Director, Co-operative Education & Career Services, Waterloo University, Canada)
15:30 -16:20 ▣ Session 2
University Start-ups
- Won Yong Kim (President of Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Chung-ang University, Korea)
- Shigeo Kagami (Professor, Tokyo University, Japan)
16:20 -16:50 ▣ Q&A
16:50 -17:00 ▣ Closing
* Part Ⅰ & Ⅱ Chair: Jong Ho Lee (Director, The Institute for University-Industry Cooperation Policy, Sung Hoon Jung (President, University-Industry Cooperation Foundation, Kangwon National University)

Creativity Inspired Innovation

Peter Kelly

Professor, Finland Aalto University

Cooperative Education: an economist’s perspective and its development in Japan

Yasushi Tanaka

Professor, Kyoto Sangyo University

Co-operative education: building tomorrow’s talent

Peggy Jarvie

Executive Director, Co-operative Education &Career Services, Waterloo University

Global start-up supporting program of Chung-Ang University

Won Yong Kim

Resident of Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Chung-ang University

University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem at the University of Tokyo

Shigeo Kagami

Professor, Tokyo University
Registration Period October 14(Fri) - November 8(Tue), 2016
* Onsite registration will be available on Nov. 9.
   Time : 11:00-18:00
   Location : Auditorium (3F), COEX
Registration Fee Registration fee is free
Additional registration is required to participate in WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul.
Inquiries • Tel : +82-2-6288-6331.
• E-mail : registeration@weef-gedc2016.org