• Invitation

President of WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul
Kwang Sun Kim
Co-president of WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul
Kunwoo Lee
Greetings from the organization committee of WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul!
The theme of WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul is ‘Engineering Education for Smart Society’. The main aspect of smart society is to make our society to be more intelligent with new digital technologies. Our society is moving towards both social and technical ecosystem in which humans can eventually enjoy their happy and safe lives. The advance of new digital technologies such as IoT(Internet of Things), Big data, SNS, Cloud and O2O(Online to Offline) platform, and the other related ICT(Information Communication Technology) are rapidly being implemented in all areas of engineering for smart society. As we have learned in our daily experiences, engineering is the activity of utilizing the output of science and technology to create safe and prosperous lives for humanity. Engineers are therefore most crucial to apply those new science and technology for smart society and they must be educated and trained through innovative engineering education.
The WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul will not only concern on our current engineering education issues but focus on the future engineering and engineers being related to smart society. The suggested main topics include pedagogies, curriculum innovation, quality assurance, relationships with industry, engineering for society and in society, creative and multidisciplinary learning, novel manufacturing technology such as 3D printing technology, attributes of future engineering and engineers, globally networked capstone design projects, K-12/Lifelong/Internet Learning, IoT engineered education, and the others. Your suggested special topics and sessions relating to engineering education for smart society are also very welcomed.
We hope to see all of you during November 6-10, 2016 in Seoul and have valuable opportunity to share our common interests in engineering education issues on the globe.
Thank you very much for your active supports on WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul.
With our warm regards,
Prof. Kwang Sun Kim
President, Korean Society for Engineering Education
President, Organization Committee,
WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul

Prof. Kunwoo Lee
Chair, Korea Engineering Dean’s Council
Co-president, Organization Committee,
WEEF & GEDC 2016, Seoul